Introducing hosts of new show “Victory or Valhalla”

“Seier eller Valhöll”  med verter Frue Sørren fra Vendsyssel, og fri-mann Tyrssen fra britiske-Columbia, er en youtube podcast-show kringkaste fra Nord-Amerika fremme den rike historien og kulturen i skandinaviske gamle skikker, aktuelle hendelser, norrøn sjamanisme, og verdiene av frihet og selvtillit verdt. Dette er en “ytringsfrihet” show, som betyr at vi ikke overholder politisk korrekthet eller bøye seg for eventuelle statlige språklover. Vi støtter ikke rasisme eller fremme vold, heller ikke støtter vi noen spesiell politisk parti eller ideologi. Showet vil ha en seksjon med ofte en gjest vert eller intervju, har en samtale / mail respons delen, og en seksjon dedikert til nordiske hedenske praksis og verdier i den moderne verden. Showet vil bli registrert hovedsakelig på engelsk med noen deler i norsk, for å nå bredest publikum. Lyttere som ringe eller skrive til oss vil bli besvart på deres eget språk. Gudene er i deg, det er ekte, du har et formål, og du har verdi, kommer tilbake til dine veier og stå høyt og stolt som nordmenn av gamle.

“Victory or Valhalla” with hosts Lady Soren from Vendsyssel, and free-man Tyrssen from British Columbia, is a youtube podcast show broadcast from North America promoting the rich history and culture of Scandinavian old customs, current events, Norse Shamanism, and the values of liberty and self worth. This is a “free speech” show, meaning we don’t abide by political correctness or bow down to any state language laws. We do not endorse racism or promote violence, nor do we support any particular political party or ideology. The show will have a section with often a guest host or interview, feature a call in/mail response section, and a section dedicated to nordic heathen practices and values in the modern world. The show will be recorded primarily in English with some sections in Norwegian, to reach the broadest audience. Listeners who call or write to us will be responded to in their native language. The Gods are in you, it is real, you have a purpose, and you have value, come back to your ways and stand tall and proud like the Northmen of old.

Hosts: (English) 

Hei , my name, or rather my anglicised name is Sorena Volander, I am a 35 year old nordic woman, now living in Vancouver, Canada. My family originates in Western Norway but moved to North Denmark, where I was born. I was raised in a healthy family environment in rural Vendsyssel, living a traditional life with older customs/non-christian practices.  I have spent my life steeped in my own family’s traditions and my peoples culture, surrounded by the “new customs” of Christianity and Globalism.  I am from a middle class family, allowing me and other members of my family the luxury of higher education. I recently decided to immigrate to Canada, a country I have grown to love, after spending several years here attending university.
I saw with my own eyes the changes to European society that are happening and my mostly liberal views had to accept that the well intentioned, albeit misguided beliefs my people now hold, are leading to our own cultures extermination; This comes at a time when I should be celebrating the growing rebirth of the old Norse Heathenry that is taking place. I not a very political person, I do not have any racially bigoted ideas in my heart;  But I also refuse to accept the racist views that support my destruction and the destruction of my culture, because of the colour of my skin or my blonde hair and blue eyes.  Everyone deserves a homeland, the Jews, the native Americans, the Chinese, everyone. My homeland is being handed over to another people who despise me and my way of life.
I wish to promote healthy family’s, healthy spirituality, rational thought and free speech, egalitarian and meritocratic values that my people have held in many forms throughout our history.  I hope you will all at least join in a civil discussion even if you appose my beliefs, and if you are interested in what I have to say, come back to your Gods, come back to the wonder of the loving family unit, come back to believing in yourself.  Your forebearers have given you so much to make sure you are here, honor them by ensuring your family will be here in the future.


Hi, I’m Tyrssen MagUidhir, a Norwegian-Canadian who grew up around British Columbia, Canada. I spent my childhood and teenage years camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. My family immigrated to Canada from Sognefjord, I always been interested in my norse heritage and grew up on the sagas and the edda poems my grandparents introduced me to.
I am a libertarian, a norse heathen, and I have a confident enough understanding of islamic culture from time spent in a muslim country.  I don’t believe in calling a spanner a spade, and kissing my enemies.  There’s many threats in life but committing to mass civil wars and allowing a hostile people to rape our women is not only a threat to our women but of our extinction.  I don’t understand exactly why it is happening but it is and it’s accelerating, and I hope to spread awareness and promote some masculine attitudes back in my fellow scandinavians, because the ancestors of all Europeans right now surely are disgusted with our lack of self-respect.  We once were the northmen than froze our enemies hearts with fear, now we are mocked openly in our own homelands, and “stand in solidarity wearing skirts” while our women are raped and terrorized, what went wrong?
In the Afghanistan war, many Canadian, American, Scandinavian, and European troops have bled and died;  Young men volunteered hoping to end a war before our children have to fight it, but come home to that same enemy being handed everything without a fight, by snivelling cowards and self-loathing politicians.  Our rights are being taken away while our children get indoctrinated to think we are evil, we are racist, we are just parasite, and the muslims are good, we must tolerate their intolerance of us, and if you are raped or beaten, it is your fault.  Any creed that says its okay to commit child molestation, enslavement, mass rape, genocide, and lying to infiltrate compassionate peoples, is NOT compatible with western society and in my opinion, and is in fact EVIL if ever there was such a thing.  Grow up, stand up for yourself, speak your mind, and stop being cowards.  Canada and the United States of America is positioned to be the last bastion of freedoms, sure they chip away at our values, but we are still able to be free, we refuse to speak and think how others tell us to, and by Gods we will never give up our arms, rights don’t come from a piece of paper, it comes from realizing you are a human being.  Europe was a nest of liberating ideas, and “the world will miss us when we are gone.”

Remember the heros who fell in lands far away, so that the young would see the light of day.


“MOLON LABE”-Come and take them


Welcome to the Voice of the Swedish Resistance against the New World Order

swedish-woman-gangraped-280x161We are looking for writers,  podcasters and independent reporters to collaborate on this channel. Our mission is to expose the evil plan of the globalists to destroy the sovereignty and culture of the Nations of Europe. Specifically, we are looking for people who are proud of their heritage and language from Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Feel free to join us and be part of this peaceful revolution in the task to wake up our fellow brothers and sisters in the common goal of freedom and sovereignty.

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